Jul 28, 2014


All too often, clients feel like buying a piece of art means they have to have a 'museum type space' in the perfect room, on the perfect wall where nothing and no one will come into contact with it. And to that... I say, "Boooooooooo"!!!!!! Life is meant to be lived! Art is meant to be touched and enjoyed!! So, to help prove my point I thought I'd share a few personal photos of my own home...

This is my daughter's room. I wanted it to be neutral and warm but have a little subtle color. This turquoise, gold and silver painting goes perfectly with my peacock feather theme and, you can see, is very much within her reach!! (38x38)

This abstract "olive tree" hangs in the (very busy) hallway between the playroom and living area. You can tell by the door knob how low it hangs. I have wiped peanut butter and jelly off her tree trunk more than once!! (43x58)

This piece is in my breakfast room. I have 2 small children and we like to entertain... let's just say... thank goodness this piece is wet washcloth friendly. :) (36x48)

Art doesn't have to be huge and doesn't have to cost you your arm OR your leg. This piece sits on top of a tall dresser in the family room. I styled it with a few pretty things for the grown-ups to enjoy. (16x20)

These 3 shelves help me display my knick-knacks and smaller paintings. Layered with loved items and grouped in with photos -a painting is a great way to add color and texture. (11x14)

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my crazy life and find yourself a little more inspired (and a little more motivated) to get yourself some art!!