Dec 9, 2014

Red Band Society - "Charmed"

Another pic of my tv!! This is from episode 9 - "Red Band Society" on Fox. The painting in the upper left is mine. "Charmed" (30x40) Metallic gold horizontal drips with watery blues and silvers. (This painting is still for sale. Can be hung in any direction.)

Sep 1, 2014

Guest room update

Welcome to my guest room update!! I've been inching toward this for a while - gathering ideas and looking for pieces. Here's how it breaks down:
- Lamps are from Good Will and spray painted gold. Love them! Can't believe I found them! I've seen similar ones on One Kings Lane for over $300!! Mine were about $12 each plus the cost of new shades.
- Grey/blue quilt - and 2 shams - are from Garden Ridge - if you can believe it!! $30.00!! Did I mention I'm a cheap shopper?
- Blue and grey silk pillows are West Elm. Normally $30 each but my MIL found them at a model home close out for $2 each!! Score!
- Gold beaded pillow is Pier 1.
- And the painting is, of course, mine. Floating metallics, latex and varnishes in blues, greys, golds and whites finish the story. 
Now, I'm off to refinish my side tables and re-think the drapery panels.

Jul 28, 2014

"Fathom" - 11x14 - Artist: Britain

I've been doing A LOT of this blue and white oceaney look lately. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me to get to the beach!! It's a good thing these colors are trending right now because I think my "blue period" (thank you Picasso) is just getting started.

All of our artwork is signed on the side of the canvas. This keeps the the art from being "directionally challenged". In other words- you can hang it any direction you want!! :)

Happy Accident - 3(8x10) Artist: Britain

Sometimes I paint several small pieces at the same time, in the same style and send them off to different designers or set decorators. Last week I finished this set and as they dried, side by side, I realized (by happy accident) what a nice triptych they made. So, before they got broken up and sent to different corners of the earth, I thought I'd get a few pics and share. This look could be replicated in any size and any colors. 

"Charmed" - 30x40 - Artist: Britain

Liquefied blues and greys charm the eye and set the stage for strong reflective gold drips that are the jewelry of this hypnotizing piece. 

"Content" - 36x48 - Artist: Britain

Be 'Content' and grateful for what you have but never lose sight of your dreams and push yourself to achieve.


All too often, clients feel like buying a piece of art means they have to have a 'museum type space' in the perfect room, on the perfect wall where nothing and no one will come into contact with it. And to that... I say, "Boooooooooo"!!!!!! Life is meant to be lived! Art is meant to be touched and enjoyed!! So, to help prove my point I thought I'd share a few personal photos of my own home...

This is my daughter's room. I wanted it to be neutral and warm but have a little subtle color. This turquoise, gold and silver painting goes perfectly with my peacock feather theme and, you can see, is very much within her reach!! (38x38)

This abstract "olive tree" hangs in the (very busy) hallway between the playroom and living area. You can tell by the door knob how low it hangs. I have wiped peanut butter and jelly off her tree trunk more than once!! (43x58)

This piece is in my breakfast room. I have 2 small children and we like to entertain... let's just say... thank goodness this piece is wet washcloth friendly. :) (36x48)

Art doesn't have to be huge and doesn't have to cost you your arm OR your leg. This piece sits on top of a tall dresser in the family room. I styled it with a few pretty things for the grown-ups to enjoy. (16x20)

These 3 shelves help me display my knick-knacks and smaller paintings. Layered with loved items and grouped in with photos -a painting is a great way to add color and texture. (11x14)

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my crazy life and find yourself a little more inspired (and a little more motivated) to get yourself some art!!

May 12, 2014

"If love were water, I'd give you an ocean" - 36x48 - Artist: Britain

A trip to Costa Rica in January with the hubby (and 14 co-workers) left me rested, rejuvenated and inspired! When we got back to the states I poured myself into creating a new technique and was able to gift this 36x48 to my beautiful, sand lovin', sun soakin', ocean swimin' sister-in-law just in time for her wedding shower. 

Here it is hanging in her master bedroom.

"Content II" - 36x48 - Artist: Britain

Be "Content" and strive for moments of satisfaction and peace of mind but never settle into complacency.

"Beginning" - 16x20 - Artist: Britain

My oldest started preschool this year... it has been a time of growth and challenge for him and our family. I painted this piece as a gift for his teacher who has been beyond patient and kind with both me (nervous mom) and my son.  :)
This was a new "Beginning" for all of us and we are grateful for the love and support we received.

"Flicker" - 16x20 - Artist: Britain

Flick-er [flik-er] 
To burn unsteadily; shine with wavering light. Flare; flash; twinkle; illuminate; flame.

"Ambitious" - 16x20 - Artist: Britain

Brightly layered streaks of metallic powders, paints and varnishes remind us that being "Ambitious" is never a dull path. Be strong and colorful in your journey. Everything else pales in comparison.

"Coastal" - 16x20 - Artist: Britain

Seashells, coral and sandcastles... Bathing suits, beaches and lazy afternoons. Bring the essence of the ocean into your home and go "Coastal".

"Charisma" - 36x48 - Artist: Britain

Colorful "Charisma" is always the center of attention!! Bring life to your space with golds and blues that reflect and bring an evolving personality throughout the day.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - 11x14 sample size - Artist: Britain

The four seasons series. Each painting shines in the colors representative of its individual time of year. Metallic powders, paints and varnishes all float and meld together to create a water-like state.





Apr 7, 2014

"Devious Maids" - Lifetime network - FB

This is Mr. and Mrs. Powell. They are seriously crazy!!... but they have phenomenal taste in artwork!! The painting behind them is a CONVERSATION PIECE original. 
"Devious Maids" is a Lifetime network nighttime drama-comedy about 5 maids and their insanely rich employers. (created by Marc Cherry and produced by Eva Longoria)
Last year we collaborated with the set decorator for the show and came up with several pieces to be showcased in the Powell house. 
This is a screen shot I took of the "Devious Maids" FB page last year before the show aired. Season 2 airs on April 20, 2014. 

"Devious Maids" - Powell's fireplace - "Solace"

Yes, you are looking at a picture of my tv... This photo is of the moment we made our television debut on "Devious Maids" at the end of episode 2; season 1. That's our piece hanging over the fireplace. 

"Devious Maids" - Powell's fireplace - "Solace"

This is the close up I took of the Powell's fireplace piece right before we delivered it to the set for filming.

"Deviois Maids" - hidden safe

This heavily textured, metallic turquoise piece is aged with smokey greys and browns to create depth and interest. It made a great backdrop for a conversation between Mrs. Powell and her maid... Right after this picture was taken Mrs. P turned around and slid the painting aside to reveal a hidden safe!! (Insert mysterious musical interlude here...)

Apr 6, 2014

"Devious Maids" - "Balance" 48x60

Another picture of my tv... 
"Balance" is one of my personal favorites.  This metallic aged teal 48x60 hung in my living room for over 2 years before I was ready to part with it. It's so much fun to see it pop up here and there on different Devious Maids episodes.

"Devious Maids" - "Courage" 30x40

This one is pretty dark on set, because of the lighting, but to see it in all it's glory just keep scrolling and look for "Courage".

"Devious Maids" - "Current" 48x48

This is an up close/side view of another Devious Maids piece regularly seen in the Powell's living room. This lined texture is one of our signature techniques and looks great in all colors.

"Alive" 48x48 Artist: Britain

Who doesn't love a great chevron??!! This lightly textured and multi metallic colored piece is certain to bring life to any room. With its crisp/clean lines and neutral silver background it could be the splash of color your space needs to feel "alive". 

Mar 21, 2014

"Chance" 20x24 Artist: Britain

Layers of aged metallic white over an elegant elephant skin texture with a loose solid band of blue and bronze spattering.

Dec 15, 2010

"Absolution" 36x48 Artist: Britain

Wheather you are starting a room and looking for inspiration or searching for the perfect piece to complete your vision let "absolution" be your answer. This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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"Bubbles" 24x30 Artist: Britain

Falling/layered metallic circles in earth tones set on a ground of warm silver and light texture makes "Bubbles" versatile enough for any room in any home. Each circle consists of 2-3 colors giving visual depth and interest. This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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"Forgiveness" 36x48 Artist: Britain

I feel like the name of a piece of art can make or break its overall ambiance. I like to try to evoke emotion with the piece as a whole and not just with color and texture.
"Forgiveness" is such a layered and thick emotion. It can weigh you down if you are incapable of it and it can set you free if you can achieve it. The sharp edges of each stroke symbolize disappointment itself but, the gradual change from dark to light is symbolic of letting go of the heaviness and being able to walk with a light heart. This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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"Mystic" 3(48x60) Artist: Britain

Deep teal/green with charcoal and silver make this piece feel like a star speckled night in the mountains. Horizontally dragged texture and aging add depth and character. Design work also by Conversation Piece. Stop by and see the lobby in person!!!
3500 Parkway Lane
Norcross, Ga. 30092
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"Broken Road" 4(48x60) Artist: Sherrie

Heavy textured sections in layers with metallic rows and drips make "Broken Road" an easy lane to stroll. Design work also by Conversation Piece. If you happen to be in Norcross, Ga. stop by and see the lobby in person:
3500 Parkway Lane
Norcross, Ga. 30092
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Dec 12, 2010

"Smitten" 36x48 Artist: Britain

Linnen ground dripped in layers of blues and silvers topped with rich moroccan patterned texture make this an elegant statement piece. Can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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"Acceptance" 36x48 Artist: Britain

Peaks and pits - shadows and highlights... this thick lined texture is stunning in metallic red with a speckled gold band and gold mica flake - sure to be a show stopper in your home! This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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"Evening" 48x60 Artist: Britain

Over 40 colors of metallic paint have been used in this 4'x5' piece to express my impression of summer dusk. Dripping circles over blended background make this the most interesting sunset you've ever seen!!! This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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Dec 11, 2010

"Because" 36x48 Artist: Britain

Elephant skin texture is taken to a whole new level of sophistication with metallic blue, orange and brown. The soft blended color scattered with silver mica flake can bring a traveled and stylish look to your spece. This piece can be re-created in custom colors and sizes.
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